ALTHAUS offers contemporary concepts for distinguished gastronomy: The highest product quality and modern production methods combined with surprising tea compositions and an innovative design concept.
ALTHAUS’s assortment reflects the entire spectrum of tea: more than 120 varieties cater to the most refined international tastes and provide tea connoisseurs in 40 countries with delightful and sensual experiences. In tune with the contemporary demands of sophisticated catering and fine hotels, Althaus has developed a concept that sets new standards of quality and aesthetic appeal.
ALTHAUS tea experts evaluate ALTHAUS blends not just according to the gardens and regions where the tea grows but also according to the tea's aroma, color, look, and taste. Tasting and testing of all ingredients as well as the blending is a highly comprehensive process which is controlled intensely. Afterwards, all refining processes are carried out in Germany under our strict supervision.

That is how ALTHAUS tea is what it is:

  • professionalism, dedication and passion increased by huge experience
  • constant highest quality of product for restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, tea boutiques and tea enthusiasts
  • unity of contemporary methods of production and longstanding tea traditions
  • attractive design of product and accesories
  • information support for tea enthusiasts
  • German tradition of quality
  • A tea with character.