Pyra Pack Tea

Pyra Pack presents a modern and innovative way of enjoying tea. Thanks to the pyramid-shape tea bag, loose tea leaves are provided with plenty of room to develop their full aroma and flavor.

Watching the leaves unfold in the transparent bag is part of the ceremony for every tea appreciator.

Pyra Pack collection choose places for which is important to:

  • keep up with market innovations
  • have an individual serving (for one person) of high-quality leaf tea
  • have an accurate accounting system and control of tea consumption
  • to simplify the procedure of tea preparation
  • quickly and efficiently serve large number of customers
  • to maintain quality of tea before the filing due individual foil packaging

For a collection of ALTHAUS Pyra Pack were designed stylish accessories with the company logo for the original servings. Laconic design glass mug lets appreciate the beauty of expertly brewed tea.