Loose Tea

ALTHAUS collection includes more than 80 blends of leaf green and black tea, as well as fruit and herb mixes.

Leaf tea ALTHAUS - these are the best varieties of traditional tea of the leading tea-growing areas in the world. Directly from the production areas selected tea is delivered to Germany, where it undergoes final processing (sorting, blending, packaging), the most modern equipment of the largest tea-packing factory under the supervision of experienced engineers. Finished tea is packed in special packages of 250 grams, which are then filled with an inert gas, which guarantees the safety of tea for 3 years.

In order for the tea, after the package opening not to lose its qualities, the creators of ALTHAUS collection designed and manufactured a special metal can with a tight-fitting lid, preventing the penetration of moisture and flavor loss.

In assortment of products lovers will also find organic Matcha Latte Mix.