ALTHAUS - is not just high-quality tea, presented in a wide range, it is also a modern tech packaging, as well as a set of stylish and comfortable accessories.
For the HoReCa segment are developed:

  • Althaus Tin for loose tea
  • Modern and stylish packaging for packaged teas
  • Presentations of ALTHAUS tea collection
  • Special boiler
  • Porcelain teapot ALTHAUS
  • Metal tea strainer of high quality stainless steel, in order to at the time of tea serving leaves do not block the spout
  • Stand for metal strainer - strainer mug
  • Measuring spoon
  • Paper filters for loose tea
  • Porcelain cup with saucer ALTHAUS
  • Glass mug ALTHAUS
  • Gift boxes

ALTHAUS combines the demands for highest product quality with modern production methods, old tea traditions with surprisingly new tea compositions, and attractive design with superb value for money.